Uniforms of the Lyubov Regiments

The Imperial Guard draws its recruits from all over the galaxy and from a million different worlds and environments. As such there is no formal uniform by which to easily identify a unified Imperial Guard. Each world will equip its Guardsmen with cloths and colors most easily available to it, thus there is a great deal of variation between regiments, even those hailing from the same or nearby worlds. Uniforms are mass-produced in order that the many thousands of Guardsmen that make up a regiment may be equipped quickly and efficiently (uniforms in standard sizes and designs are also easier to replace on campaign).

The Lyubov regiments are issued mark IV plasteel helmets with an adjustable cradle for a snug fit around the head (often covered with a sheepskin "Ushanka" or fur hat).

The most distinctive feature of the Lyubov uniform is the heavy greatcoat. It is manufactured on Lyubov from a hard-wearing woolen cloth produced in a variety of colors, varying among tan, white, grey, and cammo patterns. The greatcoat not only provides protection against the elements (including rain as it is waterproof), but is chemically treated to resist chemical or biological weapons attacks. The Lyubov greatcoat is single-breasted and can be affixed with subdued plasteel buttons. The attached collar bears the regimental tags and the epaulets carry the officer's or NCO's shoulder boards.

The trousers and shirtsleeve uniform are constructed of the same hardy woolen cloth. Spats are typically issued to hold the cuff of the trousers close to the ankles and to mitigate the worst of muddy conditions (common on Lyubov during the spring months). Boots are black leather combat issue with hob-nailed soles for better traction while navigating icy terrain.

The Lyubov armed forces are equipped with the same weaponry as most Imperial Guard regiments. The main personal arm is the Aleph Kawan pattern no. 47 lasgun. This weapon is produced in mass quantities on Lyubov, it accepts the standard Imperial power pack operating in the 18 megathule range. The no. 47 lasgun has a howood stock, bayonet lug, and basic back sight.

Each squad is typically issued a Moshe-Natan no.58 longlas sniper rifle. Nicknamed the 'Kentucky Long Rifle' for reasons that remain obscure, this weapon operated in the 25 megathule range. This is a high powered shot, draining the power pack after 20 shots instead of the more typical 40. Unlike the standard issue lasgun, the longlas is a single shot weapon.

While all Lyubov troopers are issued bayonets, a charge with fixed bayonets is not a typical tactic. More common is an approach by stealth, often through difficult terrain with a lightning strike against enemy command and control assets.

In the field, all Lyubov guardsmen are issued no. 970 trenching tools which are used to dig latrines, defensive works, dig vehicles and other gear out of the snow and other necessary but minor field engineering tasks required by drop infantry operations.

Typically, uniforms are made from hard-wearing fabrics designed to resist hostile environments and prove hardy in the field, though some are the result of centuries of tradition, leading to some standardization across regiments, however almost every regiment in the Guard maintains a distinctive look, the Ice River Guards are no different. This is not an exhaustive catalog of Lyubov uniforms, just examples.


Trooper Corporal

Non- Commissioned Officers

Sergeant Veteran Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant Color Sergeant

Commissioned Officers

Lieutenant Commissar (Dress Uniform)


Captain/Colonel General


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