Unida was the site of the Battle of Pripetsk Marshes

Gines Minor (F5 V Yellow-white Main Sequence star)

Calienda (Rock Planet with 2 moons - captured asteroids Fuego and Luz)

Unida (terrestial world) with 1 moon (Fraternia)

Frigida (Ice Planet)

Helado (Ice Planet)

 Terrain:Crater Field

Crater fields can occur in virtually any other type of terrain, and they are the result of continuous impacts from meteorites, resulting in huge cratered areas on the planet. The impacts could have ended millions of years ago, or they may still be ongoing. Large enough meteors could cause significant climate changes on a planet by throwing huge clouds of soil into the air or causing earthquakes.


Temperate planets average between -5 and 29 degrees Celsius, and are in the most comfortable temperature bands for humans and other life forms.


Standard gravity is that which is most common on Imperial worlds, and therefore most comfortable for most species. Standard gravity includes several gradients of true gravitational pull, but is placed within this convenient grouping.

Atmosphere:Type I  (Standard)

Unida's atmosphere is breathable by humans without assistance.


The planet is 15-49 percent covered by land. The planet has large oceans and probably a well developed river network, especially if the planet has large hills and mountains. There are probably many different terrain types.

Length of Day:21 hours

Length of Year:435 days

Starport:Imperial Class

Modern and luxurious ports with complete storage and maintenance facilities, and a large number of landing fields and docks. A complete menu of services and luxuries are available for the ship and its crew. Important merchants have offices at the starport. The shipyards are capable of rapid repairs and modifications. The Imperial Customs office is well staffed.

Population:700 million

Function: Mining

Mining planets depend on the minerals and metals locked beneath the ground. These planets truly drive the Imperial economy, because without the raw materials there would be no starships or vehicles.


A type of government where absolute authority is granted to one individual, often called a king or queen. The leadership position is normally granted by heredity.

Tech Level:Industrial

Industrial planets are beginning to understand mass production, and have established more complex political and social structures. Windmills, waterwheels, wood or coal furnaces will be used to generate energy. These planets typically want to acquire knowledge to help improve their technology. Motorized transportation, projectile weapons and the beginnings of mass communication are common.

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