The Imperium and it's enemies use propaganda posters not only as a means of justifying involvement to their own populaces, but also as a means of procuring men, money and resources to sustain the military campaign.

While the use of posters has proved successful in motivating sufficient numbers of citizens to volunteer for active service in the Imperial Guard, Navy and local PDFs; wartime posters were not solely used to recruit men to the military cause.  Posters commonly urge wartime thrift, and are vocal in seeking funds from the general public via subscription to various war bond schemes (usually with great success).

Propaganda is also used to motivate civilians to support the war effort and to educate the population as to the sacrifices made on their behalf by the Imperial armed forces and the necessity of wartime restrictions.

However, alien and traitor forces also use the same techniques to undermine the moral of Imperial forces, civilians and partisans.

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