Man-Portable Weapons

M41A3 Lasgun Assault Rifle

The lasgun is the standard-issue weapon for all Imperial Guardsmen. It fires a focused pinpoint laser bolt, which is effective when used en masse, but considerably less effective when used singly. However, they are powerful enough to remove an unarmored human limb in a single blast, although these shots are individually not as effective against durable alien bodies or heavy armor.


M42E2 Longlas "Kentucky Long Rifle" Sniper Rifle

The more powerful long las which is a term used to refer to lasguns modified for sniper work, usually because they bear longer barrels and range. These weapons also use overpowered liquid metal batteries known as hotshots, and have only one power setting. This quickly wears out the barrels, which are replaceable and good for about twenty shots each.

M78 Man-Portable Fusion Gun (Meltagun)

The fusion gun is a commonly found special weapon in the forces of the Imperium. The M78 fires a super heated burst of hydrogen fuel. The discharge is so hot that fusion has begun (but not hot enough for it to be a superheated plasma like the M77 or M75). It is typically used as an anti-tank weapon in infantry formations. Common imperial slang for fusion guns include meltaguns, melters, cookers or vape guns. Fusion guns are a common sight in Space Marine and Imperial Guard armies.

M77 Plasma Infantry Gun

The plama gun is a commonly found special weapon in the forces of the Imperium. The M77 fires a super heated burst of hydrogen plasma. It is typically used as an anti-tank weapon in infantry formations. The extreme heat generated by the weapon makes the unpopular among Imperial Guard troopers. It is rare to find the M77 outside of carapace armored or power armored troops.


M75 Plasma Pistol

The plasma pistol is a shorter-ranged, single-handed pistol version of the M77 plasma gun. It is most commonly carried by officers of both Space Marines and Imperial Guard.


VP70 Bolt Pistol

The bolt pistol is a common variant of the boltgun, and is available to officers and seasoned veterans of the Imperial Guard - they are sometimes gifted to Commissars, both for battling and to perform field executions of those too cowardly for the Emperor's service, leading to the weapon being nicknamed the "Bravery Bolter". A standard bolt pistol is capable of housing between 6 and 12 rounds of ammunition. Such weapons are often used by assault troops for Space Marines, the Adepta Soritas, and the Chaos Marines. In extended engagements, when reloading can mean almost certain death, a drum-shape magazine can be attached.

M4A3 Laspistol

The laspistol is the pistol form of the lasgun, and operates in a similar way. It is suitable for quick use rather than firepower or range, and is often used in conjunction with a close combat weapon. Many laspistols have power packs mounted in front of the pistol's grip rather than within the grip itself, so that heat from the power cell can be quickly dissipated and the power cell quickly changed when depleted. This also allows the laspistol to use the same power pack as the lasgun, increasing the pistol's logistical flexibility. While it is more likely to be hit when exposed and cause a potentially debilitating explosion, the likeliness of this occurring is outweighed by the benefits. 

Laspistols are carried primarily by Imperial Guard officers and advisers, including Commissars, Techpriest Enginseers and Sanctioned Psykers. Some dedicated close combat units of the Imperial Guard, such as Rough Riders and special weapon squads can also be armed with laspistols

M112 Guided Missile System / Man-Portable

These launchers fire two types of grenade/missile, Frag and Krak. Frag projectiles (short for fragmentation) are designed to spray an area with shrapnel, making them useful against lightly armored infantry. Krak projectiles cover less area but they have improved penetrating capabilities, making them useful for either heavily armored infantry or moderately armored vehicles.




M240 Flame Thrower

Flamers are short-ranged special weapons  that project an ignited stream of promethium fuel over a wide area, igniting many enemies in a single gout of flame. They are popular with Imperial Guard, Space Marine, Sisters of Battle, Arbites and PDF units  across the Imperium.


M5 Grenade Launcher

The M5 grenade launcher fires two types of grenade, frag and krak. Grenades, naturally, are less powerful than missiles, but are easier to fire on the move. They can also fire more exotic types of grenades, though these are not standard issue, and need to be loaded for firing individually.


M402 Rocket Assisted Mortar (RAM)

The M402 is a rifled 50mm rocket assisted mortar system. A mortar is relatively simple and easy to operate. A modern mortar consists of a tube into which gunners drop a shell. A firing pin at the base of the tube detonates the propellant and fires the shell. The tube is generally set at between 45 and 85 degrees angle to the ground, with the higher angle giving shorter firing distances. Typical ranges vary from 250m to 1500m. An Imperial Guard mortar team can acquire a target, load and fire a fire mission against a target of opportunity within 15 seconds of receiving a mission order.


Body Armor

M3 Flak Armor

The finest armor available to the Departmento Munitorum protects Imperial Guardsmen. In most cases this will be sufficient for a Guardsman. The standard combat dress of the Imperial Guard is made from hard-wearing ballistic fabrics designed to resist hostile environments and prove hardy in the field, though some are the result of centuries of tradition, leading to some variation between regiments raised on different worlds.

Combat armor is usually designed as a vest or a sleeveless jacket which covers the upper torso. It is rather uncomfortable and unpopular although it is cheap to make and generally mass-produced. Really only useful for protection against shrapnel and low caliber weaponry (hellguns, bolters and pulse rifles will invariably pass right through it), the flak jacket may not exactly be the armor of choice for many but, for better or worse, it is the only armor that most Guardsmen have access to.

M7 Carapace Armor

Comprised of rigid plates of armaplas or ceramite, carapace armor is made up of plates that are molded to (loosely) fit the body. Usually a carapace suit will cover the torso and major joints with separate plates for the limbs along with a helmet, although it is also available in full body-suit form. Most wearers are in a relatively fit condition compared to other flak-wearing troopers, due to the armor being so heavy. Unlike flak armor it can realistically be expected to stop a large variety of mid-range weaponry.  Carapace armor is also used by Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, Kasrkin squads and some regiments of high-tech Imperial Guard.

M10 Ballistic Helmet

In addition to body armor, Guardsmen are also equipped with helmets to protect the vulnerable cranial area. Injuries to this region of the body are often fatal and thus maximum effort should be made to avoid such injuries. Where risk of such injuries are unavoidable, the use of an M-10 ballistic helmet offers the best protection from exploding shrapnel and fragmentation. These tried and true helmets  are blessed with good non-ballistic protective qualities that also protect against injuries that may be caused by concussive shockwaves from explosions.

Helmets protect the Guardsman’s head through a mechanical energy absorption process and, therefore, their structure and protective capacity are altered in high-energy impacts. The M-10 helmet weighs just over two kilograms and has an ideal distribution of mass over the head center-line, meaning there is a minimum moment of inertia, and no lag following rapid head movements. Each helmet has an integrated outer shell and suspension system to provide a stable, snug fit and has an adjustable standard two-point suspension system and headband.

Other Gear

PRC252 Vox Caster

A communications array, similar to a radio, that can be as small as helmet mounted links to massive banks of equipment at the HQ. Usually a squad or platoon will have a link to HQ via one vox unit and vox-beads for trooper-to-trooper communications.

PRC489 Master Vox Caster

Command units usually use more complex versions of vox casters -- known as master vox casters. These can receive and transmit on multiple frequencies at once, making them ideal for coordinating many squads simultaneously.

HG33 Long Range Ground Scanner

A long range scanner is a development of the Auspex

Long Range Sweep: With the scanner in this mode, enemy units will find it difficult to get close to the Imperial Guard’s positions without being detected. Any enemy unit that wishes to infiltrate must first roll a dice. On a 4+ they may infiltrate as normal. On any other result they cannot infiltrate and must be set up as normal with the rest of the army.

Short-Range Lock: The scanner locks onto an enemy unit and targeting information is passed to a nearby Imperial Guard unit. Nominate an Imperial Guard unit within 12” of the scanner. Roll a dice. On a 4+ this unit can re-roll any To Hit dice that miss in the shooting phase. A unit with a Vox-Caster does not have to be within 12”, but can be anywhere on the table. The Imperial Guard unit chosen to receive the targeting data can be changed each turn. The targeting data does not affect ordnance or barrage weapons.

K52 Medi-Pack

Essentially a medical kit linked to a diagnostic computer, the medi-pack helps a medic to heal wounded or ill troopers in a battle-zone. Sometimes in particularly vicious and dangerous warzones, medics will have to scrounge for medical supplies and beg for drugs from aid stations and passing Munitorum cargo transports.

Sister of Battle Hospitalers generally carry Medi-Packs usable on normal human anatomy - and, in the service of the Inquisition, for torture. Many an Imperial servant has had reason to thank the gentle touch of the Hospitaler, and many an Imperial enemy has had bad experiences with this 'gentleness'. Imperial Guard medics are trained by the Hospitalers.

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