Codex: Maccabees

Maccabees are an ancient chapter of space marines dating from the 2nd founding (M31) as a successor to the Dark Angels and sole heirs to the original mission of the Lion of Caliban. Unlike the other Dark Angels successor chapters, they are not part of the Unforgiven, they don't field a Deathwing, nor a Ravenwing nor do they hunt the Fallen (though they have been known to turn them over to their Unforgiven brethren if they get hold of them).

They don't follow the special rules for Dark Angels (since most of those special rules center on the hunt for the fallen) nor are they a codex chapter. They don't follow the organizations laid down in the Codex: Astartes at all. The chapter is divided into 12 Hosts and a command company called the House of the Holy. Each of the Hosts controls part of Maccabees domain from a Keep while the Inner Circle is resident at the Chapter Temple on Salem, which is also the seat of the Host of Judah, the Host of the Chapter Master.

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