Ice Worlds (Apoc)

When the apocalypse arrives it matters not if it's on some sun-baked desert planet, in lush forest or on sub-zero ice-caked worlds. The only time the environment is relevant is if it can be turned to your advantage.

Intermittent Comms

The extreme cold and treacherous blizzard make communication difficult to the point of impossible when the ice storm rages at its peak.

When Revealed: At the start of one of the opposing team's turns.
Effect: The members of that team may not speak or communicate in any way about the game until the end of the Shooting phase. (No speaking, writing or gesticulating of any kind!)

The Mother of All Hailstorms

The battlefield is blighted by a short but deadly ice storm, as hail stones ranging from the size of bolter rounds to large boulders fall to the ground at great speed.

When revealed: At the start of your Shooting phase.
Effect: Place D3 Apocalyptic Barrage templates anywhere on the battlefield, although they must be within 12 inches of each other. The hailstorm uses the following Apocalyptic Barrage (5), Strength 5, AP 5.

Experimental Ice Weapon

One of your troops has been armed with an experimental weapon. It looks and works similar to a flamer but instead of burning prometheum, it sprays a chemical coolant. While not deadly, the coolant can temporarily freeze targets, encasing them in ice and weakening their armour.

When Revealed: The first time it is used.
Effect: Pick any one model armed with a flamer in your force - he is carrying the experimental weapon. The weapon is treated like a normal flamer with the following exceptions; the weapon does not fire the normal flamer template but the hellstorm template instead. Models under the template when fired must make a successful Initiative test to dive out of the way or be sprayed with the coolant. If the test is failed the model has been hit and becomes frozen in place. Frozen models may not move, shoot nor act in the subsequent player turn. Additionally, models do not have an armour save when frozen (invulnerable saves work as normal). If assaulted they are automatically wounded. If only some members of a squad are frozen, then the active members cannot break squad coherency although they can otherwise move, shoot and fight as normal.
Models with an armour value cannot dodge the coolant if they are under the template but they can move and shoot as normal in their next player turn if hit. However, their armour value is reduced by 3 until the end of the next player turn.

The experimental weapon is unstable, and as such counts as having the Gets Hot! Rule (although it should be called Gets Cold! in this case).

Frozen Booby Trap

A remnant from a previous conflict, this wreckage has remained dormant, frozen by the elements for decades. Now the arrival of another great war has reactivated the sensors. The close proximity of enemy troops has started the automated countdown of a rigged plasma warhead hidden amongst the wreckage.

When Revealed: After deployment.
Effect: After the forces have set up but before the game begins, the owning player places a wreckage marker anywhere in no-man's-land. For the wreckage marker we've used a Titan cockpit in this example but you can use any suitable model in your collection to mark the area. As soon as any model from either side goes within 10" of the marker the booby trap is activated. At the start of the following turn roll a D6: on a 3+ the warhead explodes. If it doesn't explode then roll a D6 at the start of each player turn until it explodes or the game ends. Treat the exploded warhead exactly like an Apocalyptic explosion as described on page 93 of the Apocalypse book with the wreckage marker at the center of the blast.

Hypercold Bubble

Due to atmospheric anomalies, there are pockets of extreme 'hyper-cold' areas all over the planet. Should vehicles or troops move into these bubbles of extreme cold they will be frozen in an instant, as armour shatters and molecules freeze over.

When Revealed: At the start of the battle.
Effect: The owning player nominates an area on the battlefield no more than 12 inches in length and 8 inches wide as the Hypercold Bubble. This can be based around a terrain feature, like this petrified forest in the picture above. Any models that enter this area must immediately take a dangerous terrain test to represent the hyper-cold effect but are removed on the roll of a 1 or 2. Vehicles that enter the area must take a dangerous terrain test, being affected on a 1 or 2. If they fail, not only are they immobilised but their armour value on all facings is reduced by 2, as the extreme cold weakens the structure.

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