Ice World Rules (PlanetStrike)

Doom Hail

Doom hail is no ordinary adverse weather, but a brutal and malign storm of ice that hammers the unwary with fist-sized lumps of hard-packed ice. Any caught in a protracted doom hail shower will, at best, find themselves bruised and battered, while the weak and unprepared are beaten to death by the relentless downfall.

Each player turn, before making any moves, the controlling player may place the large blast marker anywhere on the tabletop, rolling for scatter as usual. Models touched by the template and not under cover suffer a Strength 3 hit.

Planetstrikes are already deadly affairs - when you add sub-zero temperatures and hazardous weather conditions, the death toll can only rise.

Approaching Absolute Zero

Stratagem Points: 1
When declared:
After the defender has deployed
The temperature is so low that even armour is starting to shatter and flake.

• All armour saves (friendly and enemy) are one point worse than normal.
• All armour values (friendly and enemy) are one point worse than normal.

Razorshard Blizzard

Stratagem Points: 2 When declared: After the defender has deployed
Great jagged shards of ice fall from the sky, smashing and shredding all beneath them.

• Roll a D6 at the start of each turn. On score of 4+, a razorshard blizzard sweeps the battlefield. Roll a D6 for every unit (friendly and enemy) not inside a bastion - the unit takes that many Strength 6 AP- hits.

Freezing Vapor

Stratagem Points: 2
When declared: After the defender has deployed
Extreme cold has rendered the enemy guns unstable and prone to misfiring. A single shot can clear the barrel, but will it also make the weapon explode?

• The first time each enemy squad makes a shooting attack, all of its weapons are treated as having the Gets Hot! type. After this first volley has been fired, the weapons return to normal for the rest of the game.

Fields of Ice

Stratagem Points: 3
When declared:
After the defender has deployed
The ground is not ground at all, but the surface of a massive frozen lake. The footing is treacherous already, but it might well get worse if a thaw sets in...

• The entire battlefield is treated as dangerous terrain. In addition, roll a D6 at the start of each player turn. On a roll of a 1 or 2, all dangerous terrain tests from that point onwards will suffer a -1 penalty. These penalties are cumulative, although a natural roll of 6 is always a pass.

Unstable Ground

Stratagem Points: 1
Defender only.
When declared:
Directly after a single attacking squad has deep striked onto the board.
Heavy snowfall has covered up the deep chasms that surround the defensive perimeter. Certain death awaits squads that impact onto what is assumed to be a stable surface but is in fact a layer of compacted snow.

• Choose an attacking squad that has just deep striked onto the battlefield. All models in the squad must make an armour save. If they fail the armour save then they remain on the battlefield as normal. If they pass their armour save then the surface has given way, their bulk dragging them through the layer of snow and into the chasm beyond, remove the model from play. A deep-striking vehicle must roll over its front armour value on 3D6 or suffer the same fate.


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