New Troop Types

What's Old is New Again

Once upon a time, Imperial Guard forces had bikers, beastman squads, assault (jump) troops, land speeders and squats (space dwarves) as options. As GW refined the concept of the guard into 'everyman in space' these forces were dropped. Some of these changes are easy to understand - beastmen are mutants and more properly belong to the forces of Chaos. Squats were spun off into their own army in 2nd edition, disappeared entirely from 3rd and 4th and made a come-back of sorts as part of the Tau Empire in late 4th  and in 5th edition.

But some of these would still fit in the guard - bikers for example, would be useful as outriders for the army and let's face it, you don't exactly have to be wearing power armor to ride a motorcycle. Assault troops are guardsmen equipped with jump-packs, a useful fast attack option for commando type forces. Imperial Guard landspeeders and Jetbikes were eliminiated rather arbitrarily. Obviously the Imperium can still build such things - the Astartes still have access to 'Speeders.

Of course, none of these units are "official" and will require your opponent's permission to use.

Using "Counts As" with Classic Guard Troop Types

You can go the "counts as" route.

Beastmen count as conscripts

Bikers count as Rough Riders

Jet Bikes count as Rough Riders

Assault Troops count as Rough Riders

Squats count as Guardsmen

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