Other Cool 40K sites

  Official Games Workshop and Other Commercial Sites

  • Games Workshop - The Emperor's Own most holy website, make sure you check out their White Dwarf Archive (free login required)  
  • Forgeworld - Extra models for all GW games, often with free articles for using them, always worth a look  
  • Black Library - The Emperor's Own Holy and Revered Scriveners. The book publishing arm of Games Workshop. They are in the process of revamping their entire website.  
  • Specialist Games - Free downloads for GW's second tier games like Battle Fleet Gothic, Necromunda and Gorkamorka - even if you don't play these games they are a good source for fluff.  
  • Fantasy Flight - the publisher of official WH40K RPGs Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader and their supporting source books and fiction - while their stuff isn't canon, it is official and their books are very well-written and definitely worth the reading.  
  • Armorcast - another good source for resin cast figures, their Sci-Fi Vehicles are very cool and better looking than their GW counterparts. They make excellent replacements for anything on a Chimera chassis. Their empty chassis is a steal at $28.00 and makes a great basis for a Salamander, Bombard, Manticore, or Griffon.

Cool Fan Sites

  • www.DeathSquadsGame.com - A fan project to make a 40k skirmish-type game inspired by GW's Mordhiem I have been invited participate in developing some background and regiment specific special rules for the Valhallans (which are just Lyubovites with the serial numbers filed off J). I highly recommend you take a look and download the rules (they are free!) and give them a try.   
  • Warseer - very active forums and free fan e-zines. My handle there is MadProphet.   
  • Bell of Lost Souls - a group of Warhammer 40,000 with some very cool Mini-Codexes available for free download.  
  • The Fighting Tigers of Veda - the inspiration for this site, home to a very cool non-Codex chapter of Space Marines inspired by Hindu imagery, definitely best of breed online.  
  • Cool Hobby Sites

    • Terragenesis - one of the best sites for ideas and plans to scratch build scenery for any game in any scale.  
    • The Miniatures Page - The best source for everything about tabletop gaming  
    • Fictional Reality - Online Webzine provides product reviews for miniature game rules and miniatures. Just click on the links on the home page to view a PDF documents with full details about product reviews.  
    • HeroMachine 2.5 - VERY cool character drawing program, download it or use it online for free. Useful in the extreme to those of us who can't draw a straight line.  
    • Dire Press Gaming Tools - some very cool gaming tools for both fantasy and sci-fi gaming.  
    • Donjon Random Generators - A selection of random generators useful for Fantasy or Sci-Fi role-playing games. Includes random fractal planet and star system generators, very useful for campaign creation.  
    • Free Wargame Rules - a good source of free wargaming rules sets, check it out.

    Web Comics for Gamer Geeks

    • Turn Signals on a Landraider - very funny webcomic about tabletop wargaming - from the miniatures' point of view. Updates have been discontinued due to GW myopia but the archives are still available. Definitely worth the read!  
    • Girl Genius - just because Phil Foglio is so damn cool!  
    • Dork Tower - Gotta love Gilly the Perky Goth and Igor... HUZZAH! It MUST be read!

    Sources of Supply (Albany, NY Area Game Shop Sites)

    • Zombie Planet - the Official Purveyor of Hobby Supplies to House Gilead

    Sources of Inspiration

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