History of Lyubov

Lyubov is in the Segmentum Pacificus, the Khan Worlds Cluster near the so-called Khan Worlds Cluster in the Sabbat Sector to be precise. Settled by Terran exodites during the Dark Age of Technology, the people of Lyubov retained higher levels of technical know-how and even today, the world enjoys a higher than average technology. Lybov was liberated in the early 36th millennium by Tzarina Katarina of Nyue Valhalla – a disciple of St. Sabbat. Lyubov is a temperate world, but cooler than Earth. Its native population was joined by exiles from Valhalla in the mid-36th millennium it quickly grew to become a civilized world of considerable population with significant local military forces.

Lyubov is only lightly settled. It is slightly larger than Mars but boasts a population of less than 1 billion souls. Much of the world is untracked wilderness. Large forests of Eisenholz trees cover much of the landscape. Eisenholz is highly prized for its durability as the Eisenholz tree absorbs large amounts of iron from the soil making the wood a rich reddish brown with a lustrous sheen when polished.

The world was divided between squabbling factions, each suspicious of the other. While differences rarely came to blows they did divide the people into mutually hostile cantonments. The leaders of many of these cantonments were bloated with wealth, corruption and indolence. Petty vendetta and vindictiveness were the order of the day. The ruling Oligarchs became increasingly insular and debauched, paranoid over any outside influence that could shatter their dictatorial rule. They farmed the vast resources of the world into building private armies and defending their ancestral seats with these household levies. Many of the cantonments even boasted space-borne forces and slowly, the world acquired a formidable – if uncoordinated – planetary defense system.

The fractionalization of the world made a fertile ground for the forces of Chaos. Slowly, heretical cults gained a foothold on the world. Distortions of the True Faith and treasonous political movements abounded and when the Alpha Legion and their Death Pact allies invaded, Lyubov was like an over-ripe fruit waiting to fall into their hands.

Several cantonments welcomed the forces of Chaos as liberators; others were overrun as their indifferent neighbors looked the other way taking short-sighted advantage to the shifts in the balance of power. Within a single generation, some ¾ of the world was in Chaos hands. Lyubov was the last of the Khan worlds to fall. Effectively conquered in 750.M39, a two thousand year (Terra standard) long reign of terror began for the inhabitants of Lyubov. Like all worlds that languished under the heel of the Jieshi Is’Malal of the Alpha Legion and their allied Death Pact cultists the people of Lyubov suffered oppression and exploitation on an unimaginable scale. However, despite the enemy occupation of most of the world, several arcologies remained under Imperial control thanks to the determination and iron will of the local PDF and Guard units.

The situation for the loyalists was dire; rebel and invader forces numbered in the millions and soon only a few cantonments remained in Imperial hands. To make matters worse, the planetary and orbital defenses were in the hands of the enemy. These defenses made a full-scale assault by the Imperial Navy unlikely due to the high costs involved. Given the untenable Imperial position in the Khan, a fleet element capable of such an assault was not available in any case.

The people of Lyubov were forced to provide fuel, spares and munitions for the Archenemy and Lyubov became a major source of supply for the Chaos Legions operating in the Saytressia Star Group particularly the Is’Malal Cultists of the Alpha Legion.

By late 741.M39, Khan Worlds, along with the rest of the Sabbat Sector, were regarded as lost to the Archenemy The people of Lyubov, like the rest of the people of the subsector, were put to work in backbreaking labor to produce arms and supplies for the forces of Chaos. Millions were worked to death in the factories of the Archenemy. A call for aid went out and, in time, the Imperium answered.