Ice World Rules

Several Imperial armies come from ice worlds – the Space Wolves, the Valhallan Ice Warriors and of course the Lyubov. It is highly likely that this whets your appetite for fighting battles upon the ice-blasted wastes - who could resist the chance to play games set upon one of the Imperium's most notorious death worlds?

On this page, you will find some simple house rules for playing games on an ice world. Obviously, you will need to check with your opponent before you arrange an ice world battle, but with warning, I am sure he will agree. You can always play a game on your opponent's home turf next time, after all.

Ice World Storms

Ice worlds are notorious death worlds, considered among the very deadliest of planets in the Imperium. Every aspect of such worlds conspires to kill those who walk upon it. Ice world storms are unforgiving, as punishing as the most savage ice storms in the galaxy. A blizzard can change in an instant from a snowy deluge to a barrage of razor-sharp ice-shards, lacerating the flesh of the unwary and clogging the workings of armor and vehicles. At the beginning of the game, roll a D6 and consult the Ice World Storm table below. Roll again at the start of each game turn, adding +1 to result for each full turn of the game that has passed.






The Storm Abates

The wind howls and snow smothers the ground. No effect.


Blinding Flurries

The driving snow obscures all vision. All shooting attacks suffer a 25% penalty to their range, rounding fractions up.


Brutal Winds

The winds buffet and pummel anyone caught in the open. Non-vehicle units moving in open ground must pass a Strength test or move as though in difficult terrain.


Howling Death

Moving swiftly during an intense storm such as this can bring death. Models that travel more than 6" in any single phase must take a Dangerous Terrain test.



Shards of ice lash the combatants, flaying the unfortunate. Every unit on the table suffers 1 wound/glancing hit on the roll of a 2+, allocated by its controlling player.

11 +

The Wrath of Matrushka

All of the above effects are in play. In addition, all non-Ice Worlders are at -3 Leadership.

Frozen Lakes/Rivers

Lakes and rivers freeze solid in the depths of an ice world winter. While the ice is strong, these features are still perilous for any daring to cross it. Any unit or vehicle that stops on a frozen lake or river risks death.

Any model wishing to move over a frozen river or lake must declare how far it wishes to travel. For models with a Wounds characteristic, if the total distance is equal to or greater than the model's armor save, then it must fail an armor save or suffer a wound. Models with an Armor Value (not including skimmers, amphibious vehicles and flyers, who are unaffected) that travel over such features must roll over their highest armor value on 4D6 or be removed from play

Units that suffer 25% casualties for losing models under the ice must test take a Leadership test. If the test is failed then this represents the whole area losing any kind of structural integrity. All models in that unit automatically fall into the water as the ice gives way under their panicked movements. Every model in the unit must test to see if it is lost in the ice as above - models that fail their test are grouped as a fleeing unit and then follow rules for panic, fleeing 2D6" as normal.

Too Heavy for the Ice!

Heavily clad and armed warriors that charge over the surface run the risk of shattering the ice and falling between the cracks. When a unit with an armour save of 4+ or better charges, roll 2D6. If the result is greater than the distance of the charge then play on as normal. If the dice roll is equal to or under the charge distance, then the ice has broken up and the chargers may well be in trouble. All models in the charging unit must test to see if they have fallen under the ice. Surviving models are placed as if they made a failed charge. Note that this means charging over 11 inches will automatically incur a lost under the ice test.

Large, humanoid creatures such as Ogryns, Greater Daemons, Squiggoths, and so on must test to see if they are lost under the ice just as if they had an armor save of 4+ when charging. In addition they can deliberately try to smash the icy surface up by stamping in the Shooting phase. The unit must make a successful Strength test - if they are successful, any model within 6" of the creature must test to see if they have been lost under the ice. Note that this includes the creature that caused the mayhem in the first place!


Fighting in the treacherous winter is a deadly affair, especially within mountainous regions where the clamour and sound of combat can cause huge sheets of snow to come loose and sweep aside all in their path.

Each turn roll a D6. On the score of a 1, there has been an avalanche. Randomly determine which board edge it enters from. All models within 2D6" of that board edge (models within buildings are exempt) must pass a Strength test or be swept away and removed as a casualty. Vehicles must roll under their highest armour value on 3D6 (skimmers are unaffected). The highest of the following modifiers apply to the roll to see if there is an avalanche.

A weapon that uses the Apocalyptic barrage or blast template was fired in the previous turn.

  1. An Ordnance weapon was fired in the previous turn.
  2. Three or more Ordnance weapons were fired in the previous turn
  3. A weapon that uses the Apocalyptic barrage or blast template was fired in the previous turn.

Icy Crags

Icy crags make for perilous locations, where the unwary can slip and fall to their death in an instant. With great care and attention, a skilled warrior could traverse them unharmed, but in the heat of battle the slightest slip or error of judgment can cost a warrior his life. Should a fighter lose his footing, even for a moment, his foes will surely strike!

When fighting close combats upon icy crags, pay special attention to your dice. Should you roll any 1s when rolling to hit, your warrior has momentarily lost his footing. One enemy model in base contact (chosen by the controlling player) may immediately make an additional attack.

Winter Snows

Steady snow is falling on the battlefield, swirled around by strong, bitterly cold winds. As a result of this fearsome weather, shooting attacks made at targets further than 12" suffer a -1 to hit. Additionally, the wind has the ability to whisk away sounds and dampen the spirits of even the sturdiest fighters. All leadership tests have their range reduced by 2".

Winter Quiet

Snow cover absorbs sound even denying radio and psychic communications. This has an unnerving effect and seriously hampers any kind of military operation, as any communication other than visual signals is impossible. To represent this, all models incur a -1 penalty to their Leadership in this scenario.

Additionally, sonic weapons, such as those wielded by Noise Marines, have their range halved, in the same way as melta weapons. Furthermore, the shroud of silence that encompasses the area can make it easier for troops sneaking onto the battlefield. Models that Infiltrate may choose to arrive on the long table edge in the enemy side of the battlefield if the owning player rolls a 5-6 when determining how the squad enters the game.

Winter’s Cold

The surface of the planet is exceptionally cold. Some weapons struggle to work in such extremes. All types of flamer will only work on a D6 roll of a 4+ as the fuel struggles to ignite in the freezing conditions. Similarly, the range of melta weapons is halved as the super-heated vapor is quickly dissipated by the extreme cold of the environment.

Swirling Mists

The freezing cold air and swirling mists make visibility low. Any shooting attacks further than 24" away suffer a penalty of half of their total dice (rounding up). Shooting attacks from between 12"-24" suffer a 2 dice penalty.

Biting Cold

The ice storm shows no mercy to those who would defy it's wrath - to stand still is to invite frostbite and worse. Companies that remain stationary suffer D6 Strength 1 hits.

Frozen Footing

Upon the slippery surface of the ice, movement is difficult, while running is perilous. Any unit that moves At the Double! suffers D6 Strength 1 hits.

Ice storms are wont to leave an inches thick layer upon any surface, and the weight can bring unstable roofs crashing down. Each turn roll a D6 for every building on the battlefield. On the score of a 1, part of the roof has been brought crashing down by the weight of ice. Each company within the building suffers D6 Strength 8 hits!

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