Homeworld of the Jieshi Is'Malal

The homeworld of the Jieshi Is'Malal is Hira, a daemon world in the Satyressia Expanse, a small warp ravaged area of space just beyond the Outreaumer sub-sector of the Levatine Sector of space.

For a daemon world, Hira is more pleasant than most though by Imperial standards it would be a death world. Hira is mostly desert, with less than 5% of it's surface covered by standing water. What water there is on this unforgiving world is locked in naturally occurring underground cisterns. The air cycle is not powered by waterborne plankton as on most terrestrial worlds, but by ephemeral blooms of plant life and microscopic 'sand plankton' fed by airborne water and subterranean water sources.

Hira is extremely dry and extremely hot. The average global temperature is an oppressive 47°C with average humidity near zero. Only 5% of the planet is covered by free-standing water (several shallow seas in the eastern hemisphere). Most of the planetary population lives along these seacoasts - life in the deep desert is all but impossible though some feral tribes eke out a living far from the main population centers having found an underground water source to exploit.

World Map

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Hira as seen from space

Physical Data


Planet Name Hira Atmosphere Type Standard, Tainted
Equatorial Diameter 13,311 km Atmosphere Notes Low Oxygen (12.5%)
Mass 1.11 Population 120,000,000
Surface Gravity 1.1g Government Type Religious Dictatorship
Escape Velocity 17.09 km/s Technology Level Stellar Mainstream
Bond Albedo 15 Primary Name Al'Gol
Orbital Period 1021 days terran standard Primary Type F5v
Rotational Period 24 hours 39 minutes Orbital Distance 2.5 au
Avg. Mean Temperature 320° Kelvin (47° Celsius) Stellar Mass 2.2 sol
Atmospheric Pressure 1.09 bars UPP (Traveller) B8708D8-B
Hydrographics 5% Satellite UPP (Traveller) X330467-A
Highest Point 11147 m Satellite Orbital Distance 384,867 km

Starport is at Hirakeen, and offers good quality services. Spacecraft construction, starship overhaul and refined fuel.

Technology is in the stellar mainstream, capable of building and servicing large starships. Fusion power is standard and laser weapons are the weapon of choice for the armed forces.

Planetary composition: 30.9% iron, 29.3% carbon, 19.7% silicon, 10.7% nickel, 8.2% other metals, 1.1% other elements

Atmospheric composition: 56.9% nitrogen, 27.1% argon, 12.8% oxygen, 2.8% carbon dioxide, 0.5% argon, trace other gases

Government is by an absolute monarch, the Sultan, who governs by divine right. There are no representative institutions at all. The monarch is selected by the Council of Experts, a select body of nine religious leaders, from among the eligible princes upon the death of the previous Sultan. Once selected, the monarch rules by fiat with the sole limit that his decrees must be in accordance with Is'Malalic religious law as interpreted by the Council of Experts.

Law Level is High - Private weapons ownership other than blades is prohibited - except to the nobility and their direct retainers. Civil liberties as such are non-existent, religious law governs all aspect of daily life. There is no right of participation in government by the common man. There is no legislature, as all law is derived from the religious texts. Detention incommunicado and without trial are common-place. The judiciary is not independent of the monarchy and the application of the law is not uniform but varies on caste and/or tribal affiliation. Religious freedom does not exist - Is'Malal is the only permitted religion. The government is isolated from the people and there are widespread allegations of corruption (not entirely unexpected from a Chaos-aligned state).

Criticism of the state, the state religion or any government official is prohibited and can be punished by up to 200 lashes. Judgment may be exacted on an impromptu basis by any member of the religious police "The Guardians {of our morality}" or Al'Hafizi.

Interestingly enough, conventional Chaos cults are prohibited on Hira. The worship of the Ruinous Powers is considered to be 'witchery' and is punishable by death. Adherence to any other religion than Is'Malal (but outside the conventional Chaos cults) is considered atheism and is punishable by confiscation of assets, slavery or flogging unless the offender immediately converts. Leaving Is'Malal for any other religion is apostasy and is punishable by death.

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