Imperial Guard Propaganda

A heroic young guardsman is greeted
as a liberator by a grateful Mother Lyubov
A recruiting poster for the Home Defense
Battalions, the reserve formations of the
Lyubov Planetary Defense Force.
Mother Lyubov is shown as rallying the people
to the Imperial cause, appealing to the viewer's patriotism and their affection for their homeworld.
A recruiting poster for the Imperial Army that
appeals to the strength and pride of
the people of Lyubov
A heroic portrayal of the emperor
as the protector of the people is intended
to inspire patriotic emotion
Another recruitment poster that appeals
to feelings of guilt that one is
not already in uniform

Threats of Orkish Invasion is a constant threat across the Imperium. The poster plays on those fears to encourage people to enlist. This poster appeals to the desire of the Lyubov
troops to protect their people from the depredations
of the servants of the Ruinous Powers.
An appeal to the citizenry in those areas that remained under Imperial control to report suspicious behavior to the Arbites Once the Imperials went over to the offensive, recruits were needed for the dozens of new armored regiments raised to drive the Archenemy off-world.

On Lyubov, gender roles tend to be well-defined. The Guard Auxiliary seeks women volunteers to serve in a variety of non-combat roles. The motto of the Artillery - The Big Guns Never Tire
An appeal to the citizenry to resist the invaders despite the odds A recruitment poster for the Guard.
An appeal to help the pro-Imperial partisans operating behind enemy lines. A Recruitment poster for the Imperial Guard Air Corps
 Although brutality is always part of war, the atrocities of the Chaos Powers are so terrible, and of such magnitude, as to engender a new category of crime--crimes against humanity War Profiteering is always a drain on the war effort. This is an appeal to obey the rationing laws.
The poster depicts Chaos as the enemy of the Bible. Chaos is the enemy of all that is good and decent, especially the basis of all moral conduct. This poster warns people that small snippets of information regarding troop movements or other logistical details can be useful to the enemy.
Another recruitment poster for the Lyubov Army To guard against complacency, this poster reminds civilians of the suffering and sacrifices that are made by the Imperial Guard daily on their behalf.
Masculine strength was a common visual theme in patriotic posters. Pictures of powerful men and mighty machines illustrated Lyubov`s ability to channel its formidable strength into the war effort. The most effective war posters are the ones that appeal to the emotions. This poster plays on the public's fear and loathing of the enemy and depict Lyubov in imminent danger with her back against the wall.


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