Glimmer Drift Sector


The Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector is located in the Segmentum Ultima, and is composed of 12 subsectors. The Glimmerdrift Reaches is bordered by the Tau Empire and the Satyressia Expanse. The Glimmerdrift has been settled since the Great Crusade and has contains over 100 inhabited worlds over its dozen provinces.

Classified as a 'troublesome province', the world of the Drift have a long history of civil unrest and ongoing dispute, suffering from savage border wars with the Archenemy tribes inhabiting the neighboring Satyressian Worlds, situated rimwards of the Outreaumer World's extents in the Halo Stars region of the Galaxy and incursions from the Tau empire.

Eventually reclassified as 'unstable/hazardous', the Civitas Imperialis was officially suspended and the court of the regional governor removed to the neighboring sector for safety in the middle of the 41st millennium. The campaign to liberate the Outreaumer is ongoing as the Archenemy gives ground only slowly.

Satyressia Warp Interface
(image of Supernova Remnant E0102 in the Small Magellanic Cloud - Photo Courtesy of NASA)

Provinces of the Rimward Portion of the Glimmer Drift


The map is clickable (not all worlds are done yet - that will take several months). Currently defined worlds are:

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