Imperial Guard (Catachan Air Cavalry) vs. Imperial Guard (Lyubov Light Infantry)

Battle Report October 26, 2010

Battle Size: 1500 points

Mission: Annihilate

Captain Sasha Morozov sat down with a bowl of Tanna and poured over the mission briefing, it made little sense to deploy Lyubov troops to a world like Marian III, mostly jungle and even the Polar Regions were temperate at best. “Things can always get worse”, he muttered to no one in particular.

His orders were simple enough, take and hold the LZ for the heavy drop ships that would land Imperial troops on this backwater world whose governor had the gall (or perhaps just stupidity) to withhold his tithes from the Adeptus Terra. Naval Intelligence reported some rebel troop movements in the area and the Lyubov were tasked with insuring they would not interfere with the landing.

Sounds like a simple gropo mission for the ever-lovin’ light infantry”, came a voice from over his shoulder.

Toma Valeryevna Sidorova”, Sasha sighed at his XO, “how nice to know my orders remain so secure”

Comrade Captain, I am only trying to remain prepared to prosecute our mission for the greater glory of the Imperium”, she replied with mock seriousness.

The two had served together for several years and an easy camaraderie had grown up between them. Morozov spun the data-slate towards his subordinate.

Well then, I suppose you should review our deployment plan”…

Loyalists: 18th Lyubov Light Infantry


  • Command Squad (Senior Officer, Vox, Standard, Medic, Sniper, Master of Ordinance)


  • Stormtroopers (2 x Melta, 6 Hotshot Lasgun mounted in a Chimera)

  • Guardsman Silvestri Marbov


  • Infantry Platoon (Command Squad w/Vox, Missile Team, 2 Infantry Squads w/melta, HW Squad w/ Missile Team x 3, Special Weapons Squad w/Sniper x 3)

  • Infantry Platoon (Command Squad w/Vox, Missile Team, 2 Infantry Squads w/melta, HW Squad w/ Lascannon Team x 3, Special Weapons Squad w/Sniper x 3)


  • Armored Sentinel (Lascannon x 2)

  • Scout Sentinel (Heavy Flamer x 2)


  • Leman Russ Demolisher w/ HB sponsons, Hull mounted Lascannon, Hunter Killer Missile

Traitors: 8th Catachan Air Cavalry


  • Command Squad (Commander, Vox, Standard, Medic, Melta mounted in Valkyrie)


  • None


  • Veteran Squad (Melta, Vox mounted in Valkyrie)

  • Veteran Squad (Melta, Vox mounted in Valkyrie)

  • Infantry Platoon (Command – Al Rahem, Melta, Vox mounted in Chimera, 2 Infantry Squad w/ melta mounted in Chimera)


  • Leman Russ w/ HB Sponsons & Pintle HB

  • Leman Russ w/ HB Sponsons & Pintle HB

Battle Report

Lyubov wins roll-off and opts to go first.

Turn 1:

Traitors begin with all units in reserve, Lyubov troops make for cover in the middle of the board.

The landing went without incident and Captain Morozov ordered a general advance toward the village of Sand Creek. His outriders reported no resistance. The Stormtroopers took the high ground outside the village without incident. “Very well, Comrade Gunnery Sergeant – deploy your men and cover our advance!”

Acknowledged, Captain”

Turn 2:

Traitors remain in reserve, Lyubov reaches Sand Creek

This village seemed quiet – perhaps too quiet. Sullen civilians watched the advancing Imperials from the relative safety of the closed doors of their homes. Morozov noticed that the Chapel remained undefiled and Imperial icons remained prominently displayed in the village. “A good sign, yes?” he asked Lt. Sidorova.

Yes, Comrade Captain, but I am still having our artillery target the area”

A wise precaution, Comrade. One can never be too careful”

Morozov watched approvingly as his snipers and heavy weapons teams began to prepare firing positions and the Leman Russ rumbled through the town square.

Turn 3:

Traitors arrive from reverse, Valkyries on the Lyubov right, Mechanized Infantry on the left. Leman Russes open a barrage on the Stormtroopers.

The scream of aircraft merged with the howl of missile fire as the Leman Russ disappeared in a ball of fire incinerating 3 sniper spotters who who were following it toward the deserted chapel. The stormtroopers reported they were taking fire from enemy armor, though casualties were light – only Stormtrooper Semyonov was injured.

Bring down those aircraft!”

Anticipating Morozov’s orders, the Lascannons of the tank hunter sentinels, the multilaser of the Stormtrooper chimera and the meltaguns of the storm trooper squad opened up on the incoming flyers. Even the enemy lent a hand, a round of battlecannon fire went wide and hit one of the flyers. One flyer exploded in midair, the other two made crash landings as the barrage of fire brought them down.

Enemy troopers struggled from the wreckage only to be cut down by withering lasgun fire from 2nd platoon as frag missiles exploded amongst them.

The lascannon team of 1st platoon two of shattered the attacking chimera as their passengers scrambled for cover. One of the chimera’s turrets was shredded while another exploded under the unrelenting laser fire. Krak missiles from the command squad of the company and 1st platoon HQ reduced the third chimera to scrap.

The scream of incoming artillery fire announced the response of the field guns 2 kloms to the rear as one of the traitor Leman Russ’s ground to a halt, it’s left track snaking wildly as it came off the drive wheels.

3rd turn was a disaster for the Catachans. While they did destroy my Russ neat as you please, the organic anti-armor capabilities of the light infantry made themselves felt. It didn’t hurt that one of the Catachan’s Russ’ shots deviated right into his oncoming Valkyries. I was rolling enough dice that sooner or later a shot was going to penetrate and bring those expensive fliers down. While the Catachan’s made their saves and the passengers survived the command and veteran squads took fire from 3 missile teams, 30 lasguns, and 3 sniper rifles. They never stood a chance.

On the other side of my army, the Lascannon and Missile teams accounted for 2 chimera and destroyed the weapon of the third. The disembarking troops also took 30 lasgun and 3 sniper rifle shots. 4 of the command squad, and 7 of the one infantry squad survived, of the 5 Catachans of the 2nd infantry squad who survived the death of the chimera, all were killed in the ensuing crossfire.

Turn 4:

A futile Catachan attack begins and is easily repulsed.

The traitor Chimera, its turret shredded, charged the 2nd squad of 2nd platoon. The brave guards stood their ground and the missile team fired a krak missile at point blank range, blowing the charging chimera to smithereens. Snipers and guardsmen opened up on the surviving traitors. The scream of artillery pierced the air as the field artillery spoke again bringing down Imperial wrath on the traitor armor.

Surprisingly, rather than return fire, the traitors raised a white flag. Morozov voxed the military government section of the regiment still in orbit requesting a prisoner processing detail be sent down and that the landing zone was secure. One Leman Russ and 2 Valkyries were captured in the action (a good thing too since the light infantry can ill-afford to lose what armor it has)…

A good day, Comrade Captain”

Yes, it is, Toma… if it only weren’t so blasted hot!”

The remaining figures of my opponent’s army fell easily to my unscathed infantry platoons. Having less than 1 squad remaining, he conceded the game rather than take his shooting turn.


Lyubov: When we set up, my opponent told me I would have a tough time of it since I had no heavies to speak of and no transports for anyone except for my stormtroopers. I told him that we’d see since I had a fair amount of anti-armor organic to my forces.

I was worried when 15% of my army went up in smoke without even firing a shot, of course my guys avenged the tankers nicely by just about annihilating the enemy in the next shooting phase. It was funny how his own fire deviated right into his own Valkyrie, blowing it up.

The look of shear shock on his face as my man-portable weapons dismantled his armored transports was classic. By the end of the 3rd turn (which was really the 1st turn of shooting since he had nothing on the board at all for the first two turns) he admitted I had tabled him but let me take my next shooting turn anyway. As the heavy weapons took out the remaining vehicles he had, and his remaining infantry was shot up badly by the relatively intact infantry platoons of my army.

He declined to take his shooting turn, choosing instead to surrender. I consider this battle to be proof of concept for my light infantry, though I can see where I might want more anti-armor and some transports instead of sinking so many points into a single heavy tank.

Catachan: Wibble… Nothing more to say, though in my defense, I think the plan was a good one, I did take out his Russ neatly. All those heavy weapons buried in those infantry platoons were hard to get at and boy did they tell against my armor. He did beat me fair and square, I may need to revisit my list – the problem is most of the other guys in the guild favor armor heavy forces. This is the first time any of us faced the Lyubov and I think they will be a force to be reckoned with but they still move very slow and will have some trouble in objective based games.

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