Biker Squads

Imperial Guard Bike squads carry out fast-moving assault missions, often operating on intelligence gathered by infiltrating infantry squads or Land Speeder reconnaissance flights. Bike squads attack at incredible speeds, using surprise and unstoppable momentum to punch holes in the enemy formation, accelerating away as the enemy recovers his wits only to circle back and attack once again from an unexpected direction. Bike squad tactical strikes are often likened to thunderbolts - by the time a foe has heard their approach, the damage has already been done.

For an Imperial Guard biker to operate at full potency, the rider and his mechanical steed must function flawlessly as one. To this end, the Imperial Guard bikers are very uncommon as they require intensive training that few planetary governors can provide.

The Imperial Guard bike itself is a robust construction. It needs to be, for it must be powerful enough to propel a fully equipped Imperial Guardsman at dizzying speeds, and yet responsive enough to perform a full range of death-defying combat maneuvers. Even at low speeds the combined impact mass of bike and rider is no small thing to encounter. Indeed, many experienced Imperial Guard bikers can boast of riding through rockcrete walls at full pelt, suffering neither harm nor impediment. The effect such an impact can have on living tissue is perhaps best left to the imagination.

For the heaviest assault missions it is common for a bike squad's firepower to be further augmented through the attachment of an Attack Bike. Each Attack Bike is a highly formidable mobile firebase, with the twin bolters of the bike itself augmented by a multimelta or heavy bolter mounted on a sturdy sidecar.

So potent is the striking power of the Attack Bike that those regiments that have bikers field them in entire squads, employing them as fast-moving fire-support units to complement line infantry squads. Few Imperial Guard regiments have enough Attack Bikes to field them in large numbers.

Biker Squad (40 points)


Type WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Guardsman 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 1 7 5+
Sergeant 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 2 8 5+

Unit Composition:

  • 1 Biker Sergeant

  • 2 Imperial Guard Bikers

Unit Type:

  • Bike


  • Flak Armor

  • Laspistol

  • Frag and krak grenades

  • Imperial Guard bike (armed with twin-linked bolters)


  • May include up to seven additional Imperial Guard Bikers: +13 pts per model

  • The Biker Sergeant may replace his Laspistol with:

    • A plasma pistol: +10 pts

    • A power weapon: +10 pts

    • A power fist: +15 pts

  • The Scout Biker Sergeant may take:

    • Melta bombs +5 pts

    • Upgrade bike to attack bike(side car with a heavy bolter): +25 pts

    • Upgrade sidecar heavy bolter to a multilaser: +10 pts

  • Up to three Bikers may replace their bike's twin-linked bolters with a grenade launcher: +10 pts

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