Beastman Squads

 "Beastman bad. Bad Beastman. Dirty. Emperor no like.
Beastman love Emperor. Give blood to Emperor, Give beads to Emperor. Say sorry."

- Packmaster Grasht,
attached to 7th Company,
14th Gratanor Regiment

The Beastman breed of Abhuman is becoming increasingly common on the frontiers of the Empire, and sometimes whole planetary groups are populated by Beastmen. What they lack in intelligence, Beastmen make up in aggression and determination. They commonly have a simple but fierce devotion to the Imperial cult, fired by a desperate wish to atone for their sin of being born mutants by doing the Emperor's will on the battlefield.

For Beastmen, the Emperor is portrayed as vengeful and proud, demanding tribute in the flesh and blood of his enemies. The borderline between this crude form of Emperor worship and the Chaos cult of Khorne is thin, and the Beastmen's limited intellect mean that some inevitably cross over to Chaos.

Beastmen (Homo sapiens variatus) are the most bestial and inhuman type of abhuman. Their bodies combine the features of both human and animal. Beastmen are much more variable in form than other abhuman types. They are considered abhumans rather than ordinary mutants, as individual Beastmen conform to a general physical and genetic standard and are a fusion of man and animal: their bodies are tough strong frames layered in knots of muscle.

They are not considered true sons of the Emperor, being mutants, nor are they near humans like ratlings or ogryns - as a result of this, beastman live in a state of countless agitation and rage always seethes in the heart of every beastman. Ram-like horns emerge from their goat-like, their mouths are chasms of sharp rotted teeth for tearing flesh and the feet of all Beastmen are cloven hoofed. The very stench of any Beastman is enough to make even seasoned warriors gag; their brays of bloodlust and the gleam in their dark animalistic eyes can unsettle even the staunchest of troops.

Many beastmen are spiteful and mean spirited creatures that revel in bloodshed and chaos and loath order and the very concept of civilization in all its forms. But some are loyal to the Emperor and to the Imperium of Man, and of these, some serve in the Planetary Defense Forces of some worlds with large beastman populations or, in rare occasions, the Imperial Guard.

Beastman Squad (100 points)

Type WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Beastman 3 2 4 4 1 3 2 7 5+
Beastman Sergeant 3 2 3 4 2 3 3 8 5+

Unit Composition:

  • 15 Beastmen

  • 1 Beastman Sergeant

Unit Type:

  • Infantry


  • Thick Skin (treat as Flak Armor)

  • Firearms (see below)

  • Improvised Close Combat Weapon

  • Frag Grenades


  • Add up to 15 models for + 6 pts per model

  • Equip the entire squad with Krak grenades for +8 pts

  • One model may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer for +15 points (treat as a platoon standard Bearer – see page 36 of Codex Imperial Guard for details)

  • Up to two models in the squad may be upgraded to a special weapons trooper

    • Flamer: +5 pts

    • Grenade Launcher: +5 pts

    • Meltagun:+10 pts

  • Beastman Sergeant my exchange his firearm and/or close combat weapon for:

    • Boltgun: +2 pts

    • Power Weapon: +10 pts

    • Plasma Pistol: +10 pts

    • Power Fist: +15 pts


Firearms: The dizzying profusion of primitive weapons used by the beastman tribes defy strict definition, be they black-powder harquebus or primitive machine pistols. As such they are categorized as ‘Firearms’ with the following characteristics.



Type Range Str AP Notes
Firearms 24" 4 6 Rapid fire;gets hot!*

*As plasma weapons

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