Battle Honors

Regimental Honors

For every battle honor, a thousand heroes die alone and unremembered - Anon.

Many and glorious are the deeds of the Men of Lyubov, and there is not a city or station anywhere in the realm of House Gilead that does not contain some monument, shrine or citation to the courage, tenacity and sacrifice of the soldiery of Lyubov. Without the ceaseless efforts of her military personnel in theaters of war ranging across the subsector, the people of Lyubov and her neighboring worlds would still languish under the heel of the foul servants of the Archenemy. The Imperium is founded upon the blood, sweat and tears of its soldiery.

The High Command of House Gilead and the Imperial Officio Tactica take pride in recording all individual actions of Lyubov’s military with as much accuracy and detail as possible. The archival body of material held on Lyubov and in the engram vaults of Holy Terra herself is an extraordinary and vast resource, a treasure in which the scholar and aficionado alike may find glorious accounts of our heroism and fortitude.

These records are kept primarily so that the deeds of the past may not be forgotten. While the archive remains, the names and deeds of our illustrious dead may be honored and gratitude offered in their memory – thus the Deeds of the Men of Lyubov shall persist.

But the archive is also a weapon. From it, we may discern not just that a particular victory was won but how it was won. We may analyze and study the tactical decisions made by the warriors of the past. Their ideas, their insights can be learned and handed down to each new generation of soldiers. The archive allows us to preserve both heroism and the means of heroism.

To promote this asset, the Grand Marshal of House Gilead and the Officio Tactica has selected certain actions from their vast records to use as examples for military historians and officer cadets. The actions have been chosen because they illustrate especially well a particular kind of warfare or tactical application. Study these texts wisely and learn, for though the Emperor protects, it is the duty of us all to stand ready and fight when the hour demands.

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