Jet Bike Squadrons

Imperial guard jet bikes are sleek one-man craft propelled by powerful anti-grav motors. The imperial jet bike is a wonder of ancient engineering. Mastery of the jet bike is a challenge for any aspiring Imperial Guard pilot. The organic lines of the jet bike allow the rider to execute incredibly sharp turns in mid-air and the powerful anti-grav motors can be manipulated to send the jet bike into a steep dive or a sharp climb. It takes years of training to master a jet bike’s potential, but one who does so builds a rapport with his machine comparable to the rapport the mythic horse-masters of ancient Terra had with their steeds.

Jet bike units, when they are available – which is rarely – operate as forward scouts and fast-response forces, speeding across the battlefield in a blur before unleashing fusillades of laser or autocannon fire into the enemy. A common tactic is for jet bikers to bypass the front line completely and then close on the enemy from their rear taking a fearsome toll before gunning their engines and speeding off again


Jet Bike Squadron (22 points per model)

Type WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Guardsman 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 1 7 3+
Sergeant 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 2 8 3+

Unit Composition:

  • 1-3 Jet Bikes

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Fast, Skimmer)


  • Multi-Laser


Any Jet Bike may replace its Multi-Laser with:

  • heavy flamer: free

  • auto-cannon: +10 pts

Special Rules:

  • Infiltrate

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