Do-It-Yourself Regiment Kit

Do It Yourself Imperial Guard Regiments

Okay, admit it – you have been toying with the idea of doing an original regiment for years but you got frustrated with the minutiae of your background (a.k.a. fluff) and how it would affect your regiment, your army selection and your modeling choices.

Recently, Fantasy Flights Games has created a supplement for their excellent Deathwatch Role-Playing Game (part of their Warhammer 40k RPG series) called Rites of Battle. Their system is for creating Space Marine Chapters for RPG campaigns but I have borrowed some ideas from it, combined it with my own notions and adapted it for use with the tabletop game. The result is a detailed system for designing a Guard Regiment of your own invention, from which your army lists and special characters can come.

By examining many facets of a Regiment’s history and nature, your Imperial Guards come with a rich background story that feeds into the entire gaming experience. All Imperial Guards are products of the Regiment that produced them, and that Regiment is itself a unique combination of the societies from which the Regiment recruits, its home world, the traditions it has evolved, its victories as well as its defeats, and a whole range of other factors.

Knowing the background of your regiment can help you in determining what troops to include (or just as importantly, exclude) from your army lists. What sort of conversions you might want to consider, what models to use to represent your forces, etc.

You can begin by determining your regiment’s traits and then select an appropriate name – if you are stuck you can grab one of the regiments GW has named but not developed (there are literally hundreds of them) or you can start with a name you already have in mind.

Once you have decided how to handle the regiment’s identity, simply work through the topics presented here, selecting the details that most appeal. Alternately, roll on the many tables provided if leaving the whole process to the vagaries of fate appeals more! Each of the topics opens with a simple question, and then proceeds to offer several potential answers. When you are done, you will have a fully realized Imperial Guard Regiment with a background as detailed as any created by GW (and most likely more so) ready to be modeled and brought to the tabletop.

Some players might start this process with a specific goal in mind, and that is fine. It is a simple matter to steer the results in any given direction. Conversely, players might just as well take each topic as it comes, selecting the result that appeals the most before continuing. This system covers a great many topics, but of course, some players may not need to cover every single one, or they might even want to add yet more detail. Either is fine, as one player may not care about how his Regiment governs the natives of its home world, while another might want to know exactly what tributes the villages offer before the gates of the Keep of the Sky-Warriors every midsummer. If the system throws up more detail than is needed, players should feel free to bypass the relevant section, and if it does not offer enough, they are encouraged to add more.

Origins Culture Organization Finishing Details


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