Zdravstvuyte, Tovarichi! 
(Welcome Comrades)

Thanks to Yevgyeni Shalyapin for correcting my Russian grammar errors!

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In Every age there is a cause worth fighting for, but in the future the greatest threat to our survival will not be human at all. Now the youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to face an enemy more devastating then any ever imagined.

They came to our planet, they destroyed our cities, they killed our people and they ruined our country-sides; but they'll learn, they messed with the wrong species. 

- Gen. Yaakov Chenkov 
on the Tyranid incursions
of the late 41st Millennium


What are the Ice River Guards?

The Ice River Guards Regiment provides House Gilead with a significant Special Operations capability. These units are designed for great flexibility, and undertake a wide variety of operations in all environmental conditions, including zero-G and vacuum.
In outline the Regiment consists of a regimental HQ, and six battalions. Three light infantry battalions, an Armored Battalion, two Cavalry battalions and a Drop Troops Battalion.
Attached at the regimental level are air and heavy artillery assets, recon assets are attached at the battalion and regimental levels.

Give me a hundred Space Marines and I will conquer Lyubov in a fortnight, give me a thousand loyal guardsmen and I shall keep it for ten millennia!

- General Andreas Carnhide
Liberator of Lyubov


What's This Site About?

This is a website dedicated to my wargaming army designed to work with a variety of wargaming systems.
The most popular games in my hometown are Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Stargrunt and a few others. This army was designed to be an generic force useable under a variety of wargaming rules and game settings, forming a solid foundation I could build on and use in most any gaming environment.
I believe I succeeded and I welcome feedback and ideas from visitors to this site.

What is the Mission of the Light Infantry?

To project Imperial power into a variety of war zones with an emphasis on mobility and tactical flexibility. Mission roles are raider, force escort, internal security, and Light Infantry. 
- Codex ExercitusXXXXI Edition 
Terms and Definitions
Mission of the Light Infantry? To go to other people's planets and make them do what we want! 
- First Sgt. Dovid ben Yonaton
1st Company, Ice River Guards


Never Forget 9-11-2001


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